Hand-Picked Peach: Week 35

You're a Peach

A few weeks ago I decided to try out The Grove Collaborative based on the recommendations of a few trusted bloggers.  They had a special going on, so that didn’t hurt either.  The Grove Collaborative is a delivery service that provides members with eco-friendly cleaning and personal hygiene products.

Grove Collaborative Mrs. Meyers Candle (1)

You can find your favorite brands like Mrs. Meyer, Method, Toms, and many more at discounted prices for members.  I’m a doTERRA essential oil user, and I am becoming more and more leery of all of the chemicals that we allow into our homes and bodies.  I love that I can get natural products delivered right to my door with the Grove Collaborative.  Plus, they carbon offset 100% of their shipments and save 25 square feet of rainforest per shipment through their partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation

One of my favorite items so far is the Grove Collaborative Glass Spray Bottle.  It is beautiful as well as practical, so I don’t mind it sitting out where it is easy to use.  I actually bought two of these spray bottles.  I use a spray bottle on all of my seed starts because other watering methods can displace the seeds or be too rough on new sprouts.  The other bottle is to hold my doTERRA On Guard Cleaner.

Grove Collaborative Glass Spray Bottle Close

The Grove Collaborative offers a free 60 day trial in their VIP program.  After that you pay $39.99/year to have the discounts and free shipping.  Plus you can earn shopping credits by referring friends!

If you are like me and you want to keep as many chemicals as you can away from the tiny hands in your home, take a look at The Grove Collaborative…and doTERRA.  Both are great natural ways to take care of our homes and bodies.

Grove Collaborative Glass Spray Bottle

Disclaimer: The above post does contain referral links which means that at no cost to you, I will receive compensation from the company if you use my link.  I only use referrals and affiliate links for things I believe in and all opinions are my own.  Thank you for helping to support the blog!

3 thoughts on “Hand-Picked Peach: Week 35

  1. We love Mrs. Meyers products and have definitely been trying to cut back on our chemicals. I’ve thought about using oils, but it is just so expensive to start up. I’ll have to check out the Grove Collaborative!


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