New Blog Update

Good morning!  I thought I would give you all an update on things that are going on with the new site.  But first a few pictures of the new additions to the farm…..



We got baby chicks finally!  We are still trying to decide on a coop plan, but they are here so now there is no turning back.  We got ten Barred Rocks and four rainbow layers (lay blue or green eggs) that we aren’t sure of the breed yet since they were in the assorted pen.  I think they may be Buff Ameracuanas?  Anyone have a suggestion?


This is one of the rainbow layers.

But, on the the updates.  The new site is almost done.  We are putting the final touches on it and it looks amazing you guys!  If you ever need a website created, I HIGHLY recommend Katie from Dahl House Designs.  She has been fantastic to work with and has pleasantly worked on all of my knit-picky items, re-sizing things only to have me say I liked it better before….Sometimes you just have to see before you know, am I right?

Anyway, things will be pretty silent here on this blog until I launch the new site from here on out, which I anticipate to only be about a week or two at this point.  I will still try to do the Hand-Picked Peaches, but I want to have a lot of great content lined up on the new site and really devote time to the polishing of the new site before I launch it into the world for you all to visit.

In the next few weeks you may notice some of my social media names changing as well.  I will be changing many of my accounts to just be my name, Erika Bault instead of the blog name.

I hope that you are getting excited, because I am beyond.  It has taken more work than I ever thought went into blogging, but it has been worth it to see Katie turn my vision into reality.  Thank you for following here and I will be sure to post again to let you know how to subscribe to the new site!


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